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 Tianhe Products standard/spiral drill collar and non-magnet standard/spiral drill collar according to SY/T5144-2013、API Spec7-1、NS-1 and other specifications.We can also manufacture short drill collar.

 Standard drill collar is made of common alloy steel,its pipe body has a round cross section .

 Spiral drill collar is made of common alloy steel,the spiral groove on the pipe body can reduce the touching area of the well and pipe body to prevent sticking of tool.

 A non magnetic drill collar is made of low permeability stainless steel alloy steel and can be machined into a cylindrical or spiral type of non magnetic drill collar.As the non magnetic drill collars have no shielding effect on the earth's magnetic field, non-magnet drill collar are mainly used to measure if drill stem comes as the designed Drilling trajectory.

 TIANHE non magnetic drill collars produced by the company have low permeability, high strength mechanical properties, excellent intergranular corrosion resistance and crack resistance and excellent wear resistance.

  Drill Collar is the basic component in the BHA which provides weight on the bit for drilling and keeps the drill string in tension.Drill collar can be divided into standard drill collar,spiral drill collar and non-magnet drill collar.
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