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 Equipped with the world's top Austria Milling and milling compound machining center WFL-120、 WFL-50,that gives On-line measurement and compensation during manufacture process..Mazak、 HaaSCNC machining center guarantee the manufacturing precision of spare parts.CNC rotor milling machine and composite numerical control heat treatment system ensure the Quality assurance of field production verification.

 The after-sale service system can provide you with babysitter service: engineer will tracking whole process and offer necessary technical support, on-site technical training is available in the factory and drilling rig, quick response to any unexpected occasion, maintenance station will be capable to provide timely detection and repair to make sure high quality spare parts can be supplied at the first moment.

 Tianhe Downhole motor design based on the most advanced international design technology.We have a Closely cooperating with domestic, surgical research institutes, universities and oilfield drilling companies, and through careful research and development of R & D center in Canada, the design of technical parameters and structure can meet the most demanding oil drilling needs.Tianhe downhole motor is designed for durability and longer service life for different use conditions,with the most stringent specific tolerances for design and manufacturing standards.

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