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整体螺旋稳定器:Spiral Integral Blade Stabilizer

整体直棱稳定器:Strait Integral Blade Stabilizer

整体无磁稳定器:Non-Magnet  Integral Blade Stabilizer

 The stabilizer is an important tool to prevent hole deviation in oil and gas  drilling engineering, It is a one piece construction manufactured from high strength alloy steel (non-magnet steel optional), that prevents differentialstickingofthedrillstringbystabilizingtheBHA and keeping drill collars and drill pipes away from the borehole wall. In that case,the deviation rate and azimuth change rate will follow the drilling plan,that can avoid “dog leg”from happening.Stabilizers can also increase the drilling speed and reduce the drilling cost.Tianhe has 30 years experience to manufacture stabilizer.The earliest National manufacture standard for drill tool stabilizer(JB4111-1985) was drafted by our company.Tianhe stabilizer had become a famous brand since 20 years ago.We had won great reputation from the oilfield inland/abroad for the high quality and service.Recently,our company has introduced advanced foreign technology to manufacture HF1000.HF2000.HF30000.HF5000.HF6000 new types stabilizers.These new developed stabilizers is recognized as national new technology products and be sold to almost 50 countries in the world.
Stabilizer order instruction
Customer should specify stabilizers’ following informations:
a. Stabilizers type and name
b. Stabilizers hardfacing type and roller type
c. Stabilizer working OD or hole size
d. Stabilizer up
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