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 Tianhe kelly is manufactured according to SY/T6509-2000、API Spec7-1、NS-1 specifications.

 Tianhe kellys have following advantages:

 The advanced magnetic particle flaw detector and ultrasonic flaw detection equipment can fully guarantee the nondestructive inspection requirements of the kelly, and ensure that the material has no defects such as cracks, holes and slag.

 Tianhe ensure the kelly’s mechanical property by advanced medium frequency heat treatment furnace:

 Tianhe ensure the Straightness of kelly internal Diameter by using one trip boring machine .

 Tianhe has several Lengthening lathe and CNC milling machine to manufacture the kelly.

 Tianhe has several different size CNC threading lathe to ensure all connections meet related specification.

 A shot blasting production line will strengthen the kelly surface density,that ensures the Wear resistance and adhesion of protective coating film.All makes products have a longer service life.

 Tianhe has a painting house to ensure product’s paint meet customers requirement and longer service life.

 Kelly is on the top of the drill stem.Kelly is main driver of the whole drill string.It transmits drill stem weight and torsionalenergyfrom the rotarytablethroughthedrillstringtothebitatthebottomofthehole. When assembled with down hole motor and Turbodrill tools,kelly should bare the stem weight and Reverse torque,it will Measure the depth of a well and provide a circulation channel.TIANHE Kelly consistsof a longdriving part(square or hexagonal  ) ,upper connection(LH),;lower connection(RH), 

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