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LT-T Type Releasing and Circulating Overshot is one of the most common external fishing tool for engage, pack off and retrieve tubular fish, especially for fishing drill collar and drillpipe. There is a high pressure mud fluid circulating when overshot caught the drill collar or drill pipe with spiral grapple and mill control. Basket grapple and mill shoe are used when catch the tubing, the mill shoe can be used to mill the fish top and sharp edge to make the fish run into the overshot.

LT-T Type Releasing and Circulating Overshot has the advantage of simple structure, easily operation and high success fishing rate. Spare parts such as grapples choose advantage raw material, we forging and machining with CNC lathe, advanced heat treatment technology keeps the teeth hardness and internal toughness of the grapple. All these material and machining technology makes the cylinder and performance reliable. The overshot can catch a heavier fishing weight and longer service life.

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